Adrienne Kennedy

In Illuminating Company 

Donald Trump

 Trump sees himself as a king surrounded by his courtiers it's not good for America and undermines democratic ideals.

 Casey Affleck

For several years Russell Crowe had electric undercurrent
To his work, starting with my seeing "The Insider".

After seeing "Manchester By The Sea" and "Gone Baby Gone"
And The "Assassination of Jesse James" I feel that Casey Affleck 
Possesses an electrical current like Brando in "On The Waterfront" 

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Henry Louis Gates Jr  has broken all rules and expectations of academics.
His achievements run through so many levels like music. His books, lectures, films - his forming African-American and African Studies at Harvard to attract world wide attention and his architecture of scholars, black culture and students global culture. The Hutchins at Harvard put him in a singular class. The condition of American Blacks is changed by these forces as no politician or single scholar has done.

A song I love dearly is James Brown's I'm Black and I 'm proud.
Could well be the theme song of  Gates music.

Ian Bremmer 

I learn from Ian Bremmer's. Insights about the state of the world and the
dynamics between countries - this helps with the "All at Sea" feeling I
have had the last few years.

Watching Ken Burns "Roosevelt" again reminded me that Roosevelt/
World War ll harks back to a seemingly logical understanding of the world.

I listen to the World War ll narratives in my son Adam Kennedy's collection/
American Heroes of War.

There is a clarity in those narratives that gives hope for sanity and an
end to turmoil - an end to turmoil was on the horizon. It was something
you could understand.

Franklin Roosevelt

In recent years I feel a yearning for logic in world events and at least a mirage of democratic ideals. I spent time watching Foyles War. The characters in the English town of Hastings, led by Christopher Foyle maintain a civility. Even in the midst of war and crime a civil language was spoken. You could believe civility was still in the world despite all the killing. Even during war Roosevelt's language assured us there was a logic to all the destruction and he spoke in a civil language that constantly reminded us of ideals....the world was still a place of logic and sanity and we had to fight for it. And there was a logic in the language of this man who treasured his stamp collection and knew the songs of many birds.

I yearn for someone who can assure me there is a logic 
and an end to chaos...who knows the songs of many birds.

Foyle's War

In Foyle's War there is a conclusion to the war. When the war ends the characters go to a parade. The world war ll soldiers who talk to Adam  are remembering...and they all remember the end of their last days in combat. Today, 2017 I yearn for the conclusion of the many wars.

Joy Reid

Watching Joy Reid presentation of news makes me believe that stellar intelligence, knowledge and explosive energy can lead a person to a powerful position - something that is still rare and inspiring to see.

Thelma Golden

When my husband  and I came to New York in January 1955 when he was a graduate student at Columbia we spent many Sunday afternoons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Modern - we were often with our
restless infant. These museums though thrilling seemed totally the domain of the European and that is why more than sixty years later it is of great importance to see the cultural stadium that Thelma Golden has built of the Studio Museum. The lives of.countless young people will be totally changed and the lives of black Americans will be made stronger by this institution. Strength is what is needed.

Adrienne Kennedy

The one who floats the stars is the one who matters.


Adam P. Kennedy

Adam Kennedy has produced a highly readable and visual account of the U.S. Marines during the Korean War. He has specially focused on retelling the story of then Lt Col Raymond Davis's epic march to retrieve one of his rifle companies (F/2/7) that had been temporarily trapped by thousands of Communist Chinese soldiers at Toktong Pass. To make the reading even more fascinating, using state of the art digital technology, Kennedy has incorporated lots of sidebar mini-histories on the equipment used by the 

Marines during the war as well as social and cultural events that took place at the same time back home ...thanks to Adam Kennedy for so vividly illustrating this event for future researchers.  


~ Dr. Charles Neimeyer, 

Director, USMC History Division

Margo Jefferson 

The black American upper class is unheralded, it's tragic because
insights into this group of Americans would bring about greater simpatico between the races.

Margo Jefferson Pulitzer Prize Journalist sheds complex light on her Chicago upper class family and life.  

Negroland should head this.

Below an excerpt from the classic best seller.

"Every month I study the Ebony Magazines that appear in our den. Chronicles of achievement and admiration, sought, won, thwarted, denied, Wonder Books of sociology. The most successful Negro celebrites are writeen up in Life and Look too. But Life and Look don't have